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How and why Jeremy Renner and Rory Millikin filmed ‘Rennervations’ on Disney+

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It’s difficult to consider a new series led by Jeremy Renner.”renervationWithout looking back at the mishap that recently befell the star. Renner said, “heart locker“and”the avengersThe franchise suffered horrific injuries after his Snowcat crushed him, leaving him with 30 broken bones, a perforated liver, and a collapsed lung.

but “renervation,The four-part series, which airs today on Disney+ starting April 12, isn’t really about Renner as an actor, or actually his unfortunate accident. It aims to showcase Renner’s passion for what he does. All of these vehicles were purchased at auction and held by Renner until they were asked to modify them to something completely different from what they were designed for.

We joined in a quick Zoom video conference with Renner’s good friend and business partner, Rory Millikin, to discuss the series. We found the story behind the adventure to be just as interesting as the end result.

(Edited for clarity.)

Jeremy Korzeniewski: “Could you tell us a little bit about how you met Jeremy Renner and how you and him ended up filming Rennervations?”

lolly Millikin: “I’m Canadian. The Nickleback boys, the Canadian rock band came in… shooting pool and getting a rare kick in the butt by Chad. His mutual friend is Jeremy’s.” A friend, I had never heard of Jeremy Renner, I had no idea who this guy was, we came over and we met him and we were chatting. We were talking about this movie, Arrival, and he implied that he was in it. I was like, ‘Yeah, I just saw that. Superman’s girlfriend was in it, but I don’t remember you. Is called. I stared at him and said, Chad says, “Oh my God, Rory…”

“So we kind of hit it off like that. He said, ‘Give me your number. Either delete it and block it forever, or you and I will be good friends.’ is.”

Korzeniewski: “What led you to the decision to purchase a ‘government surplus’ bus for this project?”

Millikin: “He likes to buy things from auction houses. He calls it a ‘garage sale for millionaires.’ I saw the possibilities, they have a lot of life left..he hates to see things go to waste…and one day he bought a fire truck And I said, He said, ‘Well, we have a lot of fires here in Tahoe. It can be transformed into a party bus with a DJ booth on top, a slide in front and soft serve cones, but his theme has always been to help the community and help the children.”

“Then he got another one, and he’s like, ‘You gotta see this.’ I just started buying buses, trams, shuttles from the airport, etc. He kind of came up with an idea, ‘Maybe we can do this as a show. Repurposing becomes a segue to introduce the world to these truly special organizations, to really show what they do to children, to inspire viewers, to be part of the neighborhood, Inspire them to find other organizations that can… some.”

Korzeniewski: “If you were to do this again, do you think you would follow the same path, these surplus vehicles – is that what you would do?”

Millikin: “I think the answer is yes. It’s strange – the universe does what it does and you follow a path to get to tremendous treasures. Is there any other way to consider doing it or to compliment it? If you can donate … it’s about the organization and motivating people to become a part of it.”

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