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In 2023, resolve to drive less and enjoy it more

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i love driving As long as I have my license, this should be obvious to anyone who knows me. When someone comes up with the idea of ​​a road trip, I’m always the first to volunteer for the pilot’s seat, pick a roadside hotel and say it’s time to pack up that night (or early morning, in some cases) and finally Told. If you need to drive from a minivan to a 26 foot chassis his cab, by any means or purpose, call me. I’m your man – or at least I was.

I’ve been doing this job (more or less) for 10 years. As with any hobby turned career, it’s often difficult to draw the line between volunteering and a career. In his ten years between getting his license and turning to auto journalism, it was easy to compartmentalize his driving. I was driving somewhere (e.g., class) or I was driving for fun (e.g., skipping class). Things are much darker these days. I don’t commute, so it’s mostly spontaneous if I’m driving. But driving a press car isn’t always inherently fun, nor can you always find a way to do so. This is as close as watching me whine about being able to drive a free car, so take screenshots if you can.

But as convenient as it may be to simply dismiss this as work as work, my situation is inconveniently ubiquitous. People around the world are enjoying less and less behind the wheel. Commuting time is longer. The suburbs are swallowing all back roads. People are dying behind (and in front of) the wheels.. why?No one has drawn the full picture yet, but it’s clear that COVID isn’t all about the worst of Not only us, but the worst of We. But even though I tell myself that I’ve largely weathered the pandemic, the changes in my driving habits that the pandemic brought seem to be continuing.

Many of us would have been looking forward to it if we had been told first that the pandemic’s impact on commuting patterns would linger beyond the initial threat of COVID itself. Early on, the streets were empty enough that an idiot could do anything in a place where traffic is normally prohibited.Transition to working from home Moved 15 million car commuters off the roadBut tell me something. Does your commute actually feel less stressful?

Even driving purely for fun becomes more of a chore as chaos progresses into our dwindling open space. Lost in the slogan. Back east to visit a friend who never left the old springboard, I am amazed at the increase in crowds. The main tow vehicle I took to high school has the same 40 mph speed limit, but I used to have to be careful to keep it under 10, but now I have plenty of room. Good luck if you have the space. 35.

But relentless chaotic sprawl alone cannot explain why we all seem to be reaching a boiling point at the same time. My limited spiritual education (perhaps I should have skipped those classes more) didn’t involve delving into the nuances of shared social trauma. Only endured a partial isolation of , realizing that you didn’t like all other people to begin with?

While there isn’t much we can do to address the causes of our collective discomfort, there are proven ways to alleviate symptoms. you will enjoy it more.

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