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Jeep 4xe Super Bowl commercial highlights modern version of ‘Electric Boogie’

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The Super Bowl is fast approaching, but for most people the big game has nothing to do with winning or losing. Advertisers spend millions on his 30-second or he-minute spots during Super Bowl broadcasts, and commercials can create buzz that lasts for weeks after the game. Jeep wants to do just that with his one-minute Super Bowl spot that highlights the brand’s electrified off-roaders.

Jeep’s “Electric Boogie” commercial follows the Wrangler 4xe and Grand Cherokee 4xe in a variety of simulated off-road situations. It’s fun, but the soundtrack is the real star of the show: Marcia Griffiths, the song’s original artist, joined Grammy-winner Shaggy, Jamila Falak, Amber Lee, and Moyann on the track. The modernized re-recording celebrates Griffith’s 40th anniversary of her original track. Jeep said the song is available on streaming platforms today.

The commercial debuts at the Super Bowl, but is aimed at a global audience.Jeep sells vehicles in over 100 countries and has a new “Electric Boogie” international rights. In this year’s game, automaker ads tout the reputation of electric vehicles on the streets. general motors Partnering with Will Farrell and Netflix on a clever EV ad, Lam is spot on early in the fourth quarter. Still, many automakers are avoiding the big game as they look to save cash and stay ahead of a potential recession.

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