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McLaren Senna Lifted 57 Stories To $39M Apartment Where It Can’t Be Driven

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It will likely become a permanent addition to Adrian Poltelli’s luxury penthouse in Melbourne, Australia.

Take a look at Digital Hand’s show on this in the comments. who remembers that infamous scene in fast and furious 7 Where between Abu Dhabi’s skyscrapers will Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Connor jump in their Lykan Hypersport? That might be the only way the McLaren-his Senna featured in the video above shows up on the ground again. I hope it doesn’t, but all bets are off when super-criminals break into Melbourne’s newest luxury skyscraper.

Adrian Poltelli wonders if he’ll object to his Senna being hijacked by criminals or robbed by auto superheroes to save the world. He is the wealthy owner of this rare and expensive McLaren, which is now parked 57 stories above ground in a basement. Sapphire by the Gardens The Tower, a new skyscraper in Melbourne, Australia. Very new and just completed construction, Poltelli bought the top floor penthouse for as low as $39 million in Australian currency. That’s $25.9 million in US dollars, so it’s clear that Portelli can afford to spend a few million dollars on delivery to Senna and her unconventional new home.

according to 7 news australiaThis wasn’t a rash decision, as the Penthouse’s selling price actually included Senna’s shipping costs. That’s not to say it wasn’t a complicated process, though, as it apparently required stopping traffic on the road below while the McLaren rose into the sky. In the video, Mr. Portelli said the car was “collecting dust in the showroom” and decided it would be better to display it in his apartment. top of a skyscraper. If it is impossible to drive. In fact, the video states that if Portelli sells the penthouse, the car will likely be sold with it.

That also means Senna is unlikely to hit auction houses any time soon. The vehicle was hoisted using one of the large skyscraper construction cranes left on site specifically to deliver the car to the penthouse. Additionally, the car appears to have entered through a window block that has not yet been installed. I mean, at this point, it doesn’t even have a door to let it out, or even a way to lower it hundreds of feet off the ground.

Named after legendary F1 driver Aryton Senna, the McLaren Senna was built in just 500 and was designed to conquer the race track. For the time being, this will rule his 57th floor. Sapphire by the Gardens tower.

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