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Pedestrian deaths in 2022 rose to level not seen since 1981

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The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), a nonprofit organization that bills itself as the “state’s voice on highway safety,” publishes annual data and reports on what’s happening on America’s roads. This year’s report Preliminary data on pedestrian deaths in 2022 Not good news. Early GHSA figures covering 49 states and Washington, D.C., show that 7,508 pedestrians were killed by vehicles last year. However, Oklahoma was unable to submit information due to technical issues, so the actual number is definitely higher. An average of 92 people have died in the state over the past few years. As it stands, there haven’t been that many pedestrian fatalities in the United States since 1981.

GHSA uses slightly different metrics than the US government’s National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). For example, GHSA counts a pedestrian who collided as dead if he died within 30 days of the accident. NHTSA is not. However, the numbers for the two organizations are usually close. Towards 2021, NHTSA data showed 7,388 pedestrians died, GHSA data showed 7,485.

Worse, both agencies’ data sets show that the death toll has risen since 2010, when NHTSA figures showed 4,302 deaths. Motorcyclists and cyclists are also enduring an increase in traffic fatalities. However, the pedestrian surge has increased him 77% over the past 13 years, while the overall increase in other types of traffic fatalities is 25%. Despite the significantly reduced mileage in 2020, Pedestrian fatalities increased by 4.7%.

Fatal roads take the brunt when it’s dark and when there are no sidewalks. Nearly every cause you can imagine, and one you see on the road every day among your fellow drivers, is being identified as a potential cause of an increase in fatalities. Bigger vehicles, fewer pedestrian protections built into U.S. vehicles, more dangerous driving, distracted driving, and poorer driving. Infrastructure, older people at higher risk of injury and death, etc. When it comes to vehicle size, it’s worth noting that SUVs and pickups outnumber passenger cars by just 40% to 35% as fatalities.

Nearly the same number of remedies have been proposed to reduce the number of offenders, but many of them anger drivers, such as red light surveillance cameras and lower speed limits.As The NHTSA Director said: new york times last year“Cars first, highways first, everything else later.” What most people think they can do is create more islands for pedestrians. The island isn’t just a boon for walkers.

Developing a comprehensive approach to reversing the trend of pedestrian deaths will be a priority agenda item at the GHSA Annual Meeting in August. The organization said leaders from road safety, public health, law enforcement, government and industry will attend the event to explore further ways to further integrate the safety systems approach. U.S. Department of Transportation It was adopted as a “guideline paradigm for addressing road safety”. The study considers aspects of vehicle-pedestrian interaction such as safer driving, the homeless population, a particularly vulnerable pedestrian group, and better post-crash care after an accident. The GHSA notes that “proven and promising approaches include: designing and building safer roads; engaging people who are experiencing homelessness; “This includes focusing on drivers and educating novice drivers about their responsibilities for safe driving.” Get out and give way to pedestrians and other road users. ”

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