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Porsche 996 “Swan Car” is fanciful fun at SXSW

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While the Nebula 928 was undoubtedly the star of the show at Porsche’s South by Southwest presence, there is another art car in Stuttgart. Whereas the 928 is a serious study of his Y2K-era design, the 911 Swan Car is purely weird and fun. The name is also not ambiguous. It’s literally a Porsche turned into a giant white Cygnus.

The Swan Car is based on the 911, the “cracked egg” of the 996 generation. His artist Chris Labrooy then removed the car’s wheels, stripped the insides, and into the carcass he inserted an 8-foot inflatable waterfowl. Its graceful neck extends from the windshield, with its inflated body acting as a base, emerging from both sides like the treads of an inflated tank.

Porsche is often the subject of Labroy’s work, and the artist has previously worked with the company. dream big At the Perez Art Museum in Miami, a life-size 911 Carrera 4S was placed next to a sculpture of a helmeted racing figure. It looked like you were playing with the car like it was a Hot Wheels toy.

He often places his subjects in bizarre environments, such as a 911 Turbo nose-first in a swimming pool, or a whale’s tail. dizzy from water.If you look at his work you can also find them on the house, on the tree, underwaterand in other porsche.

Loveroy is fond of turning cars into giant inflatable toys. Even better, like when he converted his early ducktail 911 into a pink flamingo. rubber duckyFor those who are not good at waterfowl, inflatable camelPorsche isn’t the only subject for him.probably you Supra as a bull, BMW 3.0 CSL as an elephant,or Nissan GT-R as Godzilla.

In 2013, we featured artwork from Labrooy when he stretched the car into an interlocking pretzel. If you’re worried about any of these cars, don’t. All of Labrooy’s work was digital. dream big, the Swan 996 is the first real car he modified for art. It looks like GT3. Hopefully, a normal 996 with GT3 parts. It may be the least-loved generation of 911s, but it looks amazing in a Labroy sculpture. An ugly duckling may grow up to be a swan.

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