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Rolls-Royce’s future models will be electric-only starting in 2030

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Rolls-Royce’s first production electric vehicle, the Specter, unveiled in 2022, won’t be the last. The BMW-owned company has announced that all new vehicles launched after 2030 will be electric-only, but emphasized that there is still space in its range of V12-equipped models.

“All future Rolls-Royces, new Rolls-Royces, will be electric only while maintaining what Rolls-Royce stands for.” Said british magazine carHe added that this line of thinking explains the Specter’s overall design. “That’s also why we decided to go with classic Rolls-Royce proportions. It has to look like a Rolls-Royce. “It runs like a Royce and accelerates like a Rolls” -Royce, it floats like a Rolls-Royce…Electric yet all using the same materials,” he said. .

That doesn’t mean Rolls-Royce’s design department is stuck in a rut. The modular platform that underpins the Specter (pictured) will serve as the foundation for other EVs, Müller-Ötvös said. car He is open to experimenting with “very different technologies” and “different geometries,” but falls short of providing specific details. He opined[Electrictechnologyfitsperfectlywiththebrand”heopined[電気技術はブランドに完全に適合します」と彼は意見を述べました[Electrictechnologyfitsperfectlywiththebrand”heopined

Rolls-Royce expects the Specter to travel up to 260 miles on a single charge. Not much, but the company explains that range isn’t a big concern for customers. They mainly use their cars in urban areas and can be charged at home or at work.

If you’re saving up to buy a V12-powered Rolls-Royce, it’s not too late.

In the same interview, Muller Eötvös said: “I still foresee very good business going forward for Cullinans and Ghost.

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