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STLA Medium EV platform claims long range, up to 382 horsepower

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While we can’t see the car pairing just yet, Stellantis has revealed a number of details about its upcoming STLA Medium electric vehicle platform. Mind you, this is just one of the final four, including STLA Small, Medium, Large, and Frame. “Medium” is specifically designated for C and D segment vehicles, but Stellantis has not said which new models will be fitted to it.

At the very least, Stellantis offers a ton of specs to chew on. The vehicle’s maximum range on the STLA Medium platform is said to be 435 miles when tested on his WLTP cycle in combination with the “Performance” pack. The “Standard” pack gives you a maximum range of 310 miles. Of course, these numbers are EPA cycle. All this mileage comes thanks to our highest mileage performance pack, the 98 kWh battery pack. Stellantis has yet to reveal what the standard pack capacity will be.

In terms of charging, all STLA Medium vehicles have a 400 volt electrical architecture that can easily reach a 20-80% charge in 27 minutes. A maximum charging speed has not yet been specified.

Stellantis also claims an impressive efficiency of 4.43 miles per kWh “depending on application.” Basically, we can’t expect all STLA Medium vehicles to reach that level of efficiency, but it is possible that some vehicles will reach that level in the WLTP tests. When it comes to driving fun, you can expect power output ranging from 215 to 382 horsepower. STLA midsize vehicles are available with either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, and have body styles that include ‘passenger car, crossover and SUV’.

The platform allows for some flexibility in size, so wheelbases range from 106 to 114 inches. Overall length varies from 169 to 193 inches with ground clearance up to 8.66 inches. For those who want to know how Jeep models work on this platform.

Stellatis says it delivers “best-in-class battery packaging costs,” and explains that the perimeter dimensions, common tray and cooling design of the battery pack remain constant despite different total energy options. It also claims that the STLA family of platforms is future proof because it was designed with future battery chemistries in mind, including all-solid-state batteries.

The capacity to build vehicles on the STLA Medium platform will be installed in “several factories.” Stellantis says it will start in Europe, but plans to equip other plants around the world.

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