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Top 2023 Spring Decor Trends Experts Say Will Be Huge

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With spring comes a natural desire to refresh. Ready to open the windows and let the warm air in. Long days and plenty of sun make a difference in everything from routines to reading lists to skincare rituals and wardrobes. But do you like to overhaul? my house. Fall and winter call us to move inward, seeking comfort from the warmth found in faux throws and fluffy pillows. But in spring and summer, the indoor and outdoor worlds merge, and we see the influence of flora and fauna in the organic materials that we naturally gravitate toward. And when it comes to spring 2023 decorating trends, this observation couldn’t be more apt.

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While we’ve all been busy spring cleaning and indulging in our inner Marie Kondo, it’s also time to consider incorporating some of the exciting spring decor trends for 2023 into our interiors. I heard KaiyangHead of Merchandising, Marie Jo six bells— to get a better sense of the trends we expect to see everywhere this spring.

on Pinteresthistoric house‘ Predicting (finding creative ways to breathe new life into vintage pieces), our experts predicted a growing interest in hand-me-down chic spaces. And with the continuing craze for his Regencycore, which captures the aesthetic zeitgeist, expect more works suitable for tea time.

Is your interest piqued? I thought so. Let’s dive into his interior trends for spring 2023, which the designer has his eye on this season.

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Kaiyo Spring 2023 Interior Trends

dopamine color

We’ve all been looking for ways to infuse more happiness and joy into our daily lives. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned from Gen Z’s growing up moment, it’s the bright colors and the feel of his Throwback to the Year 2000 issue (even if you’re too young to wear it for the first time). This means that you can change the good. The same applies to your home.

Baena agrees. “Turn up the saturation,” she encourages. But this trend isn’t just about feeling good. Be fearless and bold and embrace what you love. “2023 is the year to make a statement, and nothing expresses bold personal style like bold color choices.”

This trend is in stark contrast to the minimalist vibe that has dominated every home for the last few years. “Home dwellers are now putting their individuality to the fore,” says Baena. “Whether that means bright walls, accent he pieces, or both.

“More, after all, more.”

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make the old new

Personally, I think this is probably the freshest trend. After all, buying second-hand isn’t just an aesthetic choice, it’s also sustainable. Instead, she says, “it’s been superseded by a growing consumer desire to curate unique spaces.”

Additionally, many of us have been unable to ship sofas and dining tables for months dealing with delays, so we want savings as well as near-instantaneous delivery. “Secondhand shopping gives you both without sacrificing quality,” he says Baena. “Shoppers are rejecting flat packs, mass-produced styles, or ‘fast furnishings’ in search of greater craftsmanship, individuality, the thrill of the hunt, and the stories behind well-loved pieces. I got this from IKEA.

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Vintage tea garden aesthetics

Spring is practically synonymous with romance. Flowers bloom and birds sing. No wonder nature takes so much inspiration this time of year. (and Bridgerton Filming for Season 3 is about to wrap up, and ‘Tea Garden’ hits all the right vibes. ) If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to introduce flowers into your home, now is the time.

“Dizzy florals are like stripes and plaids. They’re timeless, mostly neutral prints that work well with a variety of styles and aesthetics you already have in your home,” says Joh. Bring out all the ruffles and embroidered favorites. Joh predicts that the trend will continue this season, “especially in bed her linens and textiles.”

Image of Sarah Solis’ house Shade Degueth

touch of nature

In line with the above trend, essence A motif of nature, both statement and subtle, you can see it in some of my favorite pieces. Joh loves them in his The Six Bells hand-painted candles by Lou & Co, and you can find them throughout his brand’s bedding collection.

If you can’t get enough of spring ingredients in your salad, expect the interior to be printed with spring ingredients too. We’re making authentic candle versions of farmer’s market staples,” says Joh.

Closing the topic of organic accents, Joh is quick to mention the texture and depth you get from this season’s raffia and straw. Expect more uses in unexpected places. Joh is obsessed with everything from placemats to bread baskets to napkin rings.

Image courtesy: six bells

Antiques reimagined

Just as Baena predicted an increase in second-hand purchases, Joh sees a growing interest in curated antiques. “Our customer Love It’s the curios we’ve hand-picked for our store, and when you tell them they’re one-of-a-kind, it’s hard to leave them behind!” she shares. Her unique creations offer an old-world look that is difficult to recreate.

Paste Joh’s words onto your vision board. “Old is new and new looks old”.

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spring tablescape

There’s nothing better than gathering your loved ones outdoors for an al fresco dinner or warm spring brunch. Over the past few years, I’ve noticed more whimsical things emerging, with whimsical ranunculus taking center stage in her floral arrangements, and printed her napkins and tablecloths choosing over a solid selection. rice field. And in 2023? Expect much more.

“There’s always going to be a mix and match of colors, prints, and different textures in your spring tablescapes,” says Joe. ” A stress-free tablescape?

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