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Toyota MR2 could be revived as hybrid sports car

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Rumors from Japan suggest that Toyota and some of its partners are working on a lightweight, mid-engined hybrid sports car. Add to that the gossip mill swirling over the fact that Toyota has unveiled an electric mid-engined sports car concept for 2021. Clearly, the mid-engined little runabout recalls images of his mercifully deceased MR2. let

The origin of grapes is Japan best car It is a triple collaboration between Toyota, Suzuki and Daihatsu. Toyota outright owns Daihatsu and Suzuki owns a 5% stake in him.

Rumor has it that the chassis will be supplied by Toyota using the Yaris front suspension. Suzuki offers his 1.0-liter turbocharged 3-cylinder engine, which currently powers the Swift, and excels at 118 horsepower and 145 lb-ft of torque. A 5-horsepower mild-hybrid electric motor is mated to a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic. Daihatsu will provide the panel replacement technology found on the Copen Roadster, allowing each brand variant to sport a unique body.

best car The wheelbase is about 100 inches long, about 5 longer than the MR2 Spider. Measures 165 inches long, 68 inches wide and 48 inches high. It’s about a foot longer, an inch wider and an inch shorter than the MR2 Spyder. Curb weight is targeted at a feathery 2200 pounds.

Unbelievably, best car The price is said to be between 2.2 million yen and 2.8 million yen. Normally, this equates to around $22,000 to $28,000, but at today’s very favorable exchange rate for the US dollar, it equates to an even more incredible $16,400 to $21,000.

If true, this would continue Toyota’s tradition of partnering with other companies to build low-volume sports cars: the Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ, the Supra and the BMW Z4 are obligatory.

We think it’s unlikely that this car will ever make it to the shores of the United States. It’s great to see that is still alive and well in the 4th generation.

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