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With the growing popularity of electric vehicles, one related technology that was touted long ago but has yet to gain widespread adoption is Vehicle-to-Grid or Vehicle-to-Home. Since most cars are parked most of the time, this allows the cars to perform load leveling on the grid or act individually as emergency generators if needed. . Although this has not worked out for a variety of reasons, it is possible to use EV batteries off-grid or as part of a grid-connected solar power system. The work can be done without having to disassemble the battery pack at all..

Typically, when a discarded EV battery is intended for another use, the cells are removed from the OEM pack and reconfigured to a specific voltage. However, this build does not require any pack changes at all. The LilyGO ESP32 is used to convert CAN bus messages from the battery pack to the Modbus communication protocol used by the inverter (in this case his Fronius Gen24). So the inverter and battery can automatically adjust the energy supply from one to the other. The hard part is over, the only remaining requirement is to connect the high voltage DC cable from the battery pack to the inverter.

[Dala]The creators of this project have taken other measures to ensure safety. These batteries contain a very large amount of energy in his pack, so extreme caution is advised for anyone trying to recreate this build. The system itself supports Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model 3 battery packs and is usually available at a relatively low price. However, building battery energy storage systems to compensate for the lack of commercial in-vehicle systems is not the only use for older EV batteries. For example, Leaf batteries can be used to triple the range of other EVs, including: [Muxsan] I did it with this Nissan van.

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