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VW ID.7 electric sedan shown (in camo) for first time, to arrive in 2024

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LAS VEGAS – Volkswagen is once again gearing up to expand its range of ID branded EVs. The next addition to the family is a battery-powered sedan called ID.7, which is expected to arrive in the US in 2024, with European sales theoretically starting later this year pushed back to early 2024. will be displayed).

The nameplate is new, but the idea of ​​a roughly Passat-sized electric sedan isn’t. Volkswagen gave us an early taste of the ID.7 when in June 2022 he unveiled a sleek design study named the ID.Aero. Right now, here at his CES in Las Vegas, you can see the production form, albeit under a very flashy camouflage. In fact, the car has 40 layers of electroluminescent paint instead of the usual vinyl wrap. The silhouette of the car is similar to the concept, showing a car with a length of about 194 inches and a very long wheelbase, which should allow for considerable interior space. It’s clearly a hatchback along the lines of Arteon.

Unlike that car, though, the ID.7 will be rear-wheel drive as standard, as it rides on the same modular MEB platform as the ID.4 and ID.Buzz, among other EVs. Volkswagen says this will be his sixth ID family member in the world. Technical details weren’t shared here in Las Vegas, but VW said it has an estimated range of 700 kilometers (434 miles) in Europe’s more generous WLTP test cycle. It’s proven to have a more slippery sedan/hatchback shape than the ID.4. VW says the drag coefficient will be in the .23 or .24 range.

From the driver’s perspective, the ID.7 stands out from other ID-badged EVs in several important ways. It’s worth noting that the digital instrument cluster is integrated into the dashboard rather than the steering column. Volkswagen has promised to offer a host of technical features, including an improved infotainment system displayed on a 15-inch touchscreen and decisively improved menu tiles. and other updates. Unlike the ID.4 and GTI, the touch-sensitive climate and volume controls are similarly illuminated, though unfortunately VW opts for touchscreen-operated air vents. An augmented reality head-up display joins the latest in in-vehicle technology, along with a climate control system that automatically activates when it detects an approaching driver.

After hitting the lights at CES, Volkswagen’s ID.7 will debut without the psychedelic camouflage in the second quarter of 2023. It will be sold in the US, China and Europe. Volkswagen’s American Range Arteon. No pricing has been announced yet, nor has there been any word on where the American model will be built.

James Riswick contributed to this report

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