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2023 Mercedes-AMG S 63 E Performance Gets 710 HP and 1,055 Lb-Ft

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White 2023 mercedes-amg s 63 e performance sedan driving through dark tunnel

Photo: mercedes amg

Electric motor is coming. They’re at the heart of every car you know and love. Mercedes isn’t ready to make his S 63 a full EV, but this Mercedes’ latest flavor is the swankiest. S-class A good portion of the propulsion comes from an electric motor and a complementary battery. But don’t be put off. The remaining power is AMG’s amazing 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbotwo systems that combine to make this the most powerful S-class You can sprint to 60 in just 3.2 seconds.

full disclosure: Mercedes wanted me to take a peek at the new S63, so they flew me to Spain, put me in a hotel, and sent me off to a secret spot on top of an empty mountain. I seriously thought I had been kidnapped.

how powerful is it? Well, his 4.0-liter V8 combined with an electric rear motor produces 710 horsepower and a whopping 1,055 lb-ft of torque. 2022 Ford Super Duty, its 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel V8 is just 1,050 lb-ft. Because you were definitely cross-shopping for those two.

A white 2023 mercedes-amg s63e performance sedan seen in silhouette from the driver's side, parked on the roof of a concrete parking structure against a gray wall

Photo: mercedes amg

If those AMG power numbers sound familiar, it’s because this is essentially the same as a plug-in hybrid drivetrain setup. AMG GT 63 SE PerformanceThe S 63 loses a few horses compared to the AMG GT, but it’s still an increase of over 100 horses compared to the previous generation.

However, due to its weight, it had to be made stronger. much heavier. Mercedes US has not published the curb weight of the new S 63, but the version for the European market weighs him at 2,595 kg. This makes him £5,720, which is £800 more than the previous model. The 13.1 kWh battery provides an estimated 33 km (or 20 miles) of all-electric range in European tests, S-class typical spongy trunk Cargo space is reduced by approximately 10%.

Rear view of a white 2023 mercedes-amg s 63e performance sedan parked in a typical industrial park surrounded by parking lots

Photo: mercedes amg

No, it’s not pure electric range by modern PHEV standards, but the system is not designed to offset emissions. It’s designed to make you giggle when it’s shoved into your seat with 4-digit torque. The seats are adorned with his AMG logo and custom stitching. The rest of the interior is almost identical to the regular S-Class. Only splashes of carbon fiber across the dashboard and sports steering wheel indicate the sporty intentions of this particular vehicle.

That steering wheel has the knobs you need to cycle through the S 63’s seven customizable driving modes, but it also has two thumb buttons that activate Mercedes’ Drive Pilot Level 3 driver assistance system. That means Mercedes’ engineers had to find room for his LIDAR sensors to penetrate his AMG-designed front fascia for the first time in the new S63’s completely unique front.

White 2023 mercedes-amg s 63 e performance sedan seen from the front left, parked on the roof of the parking garage

Photo: mercedes amg

It looks far more aggressive than the modest S-Class, with its wide air intakes and huge three-point star on its Panamericana-style grille. If you look a little higher, you’ll see another change. There is no upright Mercedes bonnet ornament, just a flashed AMG logo.

Other than the front-end changes, the S 63 looks almost identical to the standard S-Class. just as comfortableActive suspension comes standard and can be as stiff or soft as you like to lower the car at high speeds. It also comes standard with an active anti-roll bar for full cutting when you want to drift rather than weave. Rear-wheel steering is standard as well, but a more complex hybrid rear drivetrain setup limits the steering angle to just 3 degrees (the standard S-Class has his 10).

The interior of the 2023 mercedes-amg s 63 e performance sedan as seen from the passenger seat.Upholstery is dove gray with orange accent lighting from the dashboard and driver's door

Photo: mercedes amg

Inside, all the options available in the regular S-Class (for the record, it feels wrong to call it “regular”) are available here. If you want a massage, you can buy it. More importantly, an S-class sublime Burmester 4D sound system with Dolby Atmos sits just a stone’s throw from the optional seats.

2023 mercedes-amg s 63 e performance sedan interior. Viewed from the right rear seat. The upholstery is dove gray with orange accent lighting emanating from the doors and center console.

Photo: mercedes amg

I wasn’t given the chance to drive the new S 63 E Performance. We’ll have to wait a bit for that. Likewise, we’ll have to wait for pricing details to emerge, as according to Mercedes the 2023 S63 E Performance he should hit dealerships in mid-2023. This isn’t cheap, so start saving.

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