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Fun with data visualization: Automotive recalls over the last 40 years

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There have been some really big recalls in recent years. Takata’s airbag recall began a few years ago and continues today, while Chevrolet is recalling nearly all of his late-2020 Volt EV and Volt EUV. visual capitalist Summarizing the data on recalls over the last 40 years, some of the trends are very interesting.

The publication found 22,651 recalls in the final 40, including 2,303 equipment-related recalls, 442 tire recalls, and 220 child seat recalls. Vehicles accounted for the majority of recalls, with 19,686. visual capitalist Noting the sharp increase in the number of vehicle recalls over the past few years, the graph shows a trend towards clustered recalls starting in 2014. 2021 was the year with the most, with 1,093 vehicles recalled.

Ford was the most recalled company in 2022, while General Motors was the most recalled manufacturer in the last 40 years and was involved in one of the most significant recalls of the last decade. Millions of vehicles have been recalled for ignition switch failures that can shut down while driving. At the same time, some manufacturers are recalling very few vehicles. For example, Lordstown Motors recalled 19 of his trucks earlier this year due to a power loss problem. In addition to the well-known companies on the list, a few lesser-known companies have emerged. Forest River, Inc is a Berkshire Hathaway company that sells his RVs and campers, and Blue Bird manufactures school buses.

Interestingly, while recall numbers for most vehicle components have remained stable over the years, the equipment and electrical systems categories have increased recently. Equipment recalls have been on the rise since 2007, probably in response to more advanced technical features and vehicle systems. Both areas are important points of contention in new-car polls.

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